Our Approach

Combining knowledge gained through current data on best practices in affordable housing programming and dialogue with current residents, the UHM Resident Services Department has a service delivery approach that ensures individuals and families receiving assistance from our department feel that their concerns are met in a way that recognizes and appreciates their right to dignity even while in distress, crisis, or transition. 

Through our C.A.R.E. approach, we work to ensure the support services offered are:

Consistent – From initial contact to the closing of the referral our Resident Services team delivers in a manner that will reflect our intentions to assist the family or individual in reaching the best possible outcomes for their situation.

Aware – Each client and family is served in a manner that is respectful of their particular need and situation and with regard to any cultural or personal traditions that are a part of their lived experience.

Restorative – We meet clients exactly where they are to address the immediate need with a demeanor of concern rather than condemnation. Whenever possible we execute a long term stabilization plans to assist families/individuals in reaching positive life milestones after their immediate concern has been addressed.

Effective – We recognize the importance of follow up and follow through and do our part to make sure that individuals/families get the services they need both in house and from agencies we refer them to for assistance. We check in with the individual/family through each phase of the referral process to ensure the services offered and the ones obtained truly meet the need presented in the referral.