What We Offer

  • Youth Development 

    Through a whole child approach, Resident Services has offerings designed to support the growth of resident youth at every stage. Our current program includes:

    ❖ NNC Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools® Summer Program

    ❖ Summer Youth Employment Opportunities (Private Industry Council, Success Boston, and ABCD)

    ❖ HoodFit Immersion Programs

  • Aging in Place

    UHM Resident Services works diligently to make sure our senior population has both prevention and intervention programming and services in place to keep them safe and well cared for as they grow older. Senior population programs include:

    ❖ Golden Academy – An Aging In Place Program

    ❖ Wellness Checks

    ❖ Transition to Home Case Management 

    ❖ Grove Hall Community Center Senior Drop In Center

  • Stabilization and Self Sufficiency

    Once an individual or family becomes a recipient of supportive services at UHM, our primary objective is to make sure they have all available resources to sustain their housing and move forward with personal goals. Our offerings include:

    ❖ Case Management & Referrals 

    ❖ Resident Programs and Activities

    ❖ Workshops & Trainings